Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bank Audi, Najib and the trip up.

So here's the story - Najib is supposed to be a paranoid character, always triple checking the door to see if it is locked, Except that the new Bank Audi cards ease your mind and sort of make you feel safe. I have been trying to like this campaign, and failing. Something about the use of a hashtag (which is like a flash mob almost so much it has become obsolete), something about the use of the name Najib too. Not that I have anything against the name, but it makes it look a bit archaic and used in a derogative way
Fun fact: one of Lebanon's most prominent bloggers is called Najib, he actually works at Audi Bank, and works in the same building as the advertising agency which did these ads.
I understand the need for a passpartout name - both Muslim and Christian - but the use of the name is done in a condescending manner. Of course, most of us make sure we locked the door - at least twice - think about if turned off the heating at home while we are at work, wonder if we left the gaz burner on in our morning hurry. Nothing paranoid about that....
So - I am not sure the campaign actually works. Of course I want peace of mind when I do online purchasing but this was an opportunity to use a hard sell campaign, plain and simple.
"Ghaltet el chater bi alf" - the mistake of the good one is worth a thousand, in the case of a bank, it is worth millions!