Thursday, May 5, 2016

The dire straits of Lebanese culture

Dear Ministry of Culture,
Is this what it has come to?
What - the incomparable Amal Traboulsi and Saleh Barakat were too busy for your cheapo publicity stunt?
Because you know, our current ambassadors can easily differentiate Assadour from Rawas, know the gap between Totikian and Manoukian, are able to see the beauty in a Srouji but can juxtapose it to a Sahmarani, speak of Adnan and Al Khal, know the brushstroke of a Molaeb or recount the history of a Madi, and what not.
Really? Is this what culture has come to?
Zee Zee and the banana?
Or is it more more like China Glaze and free food?
I could say I am sad for you to act this way.
But no - you are not even worth the sadness!