Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Step Feed: One blog with posts that are just bizarre

Dear Maya,
Your post about "16 area names in Lebanon that are just bizarre" really caught my attention. If you are aiming for bait clicks, why not do it while explaining the background of things.
Ex: "Cola" - this is where the Coca-Cola factory was until it was shut down after rumors Coca-Cola was supporting Israel in the Israel-Arab war. The brand took till 1991 to go back to the market in Lebanon.
"Tallet el Khayat" - the area of land was owned by the Khayat family and it was situated on a hill overlooking the sea making it a good summer vacation spot for the Sunnis of Beirut.
"Ras Beirut" - the head of Beirut or "beach head", since Beirut protrudes on the map this is the tip of it. Interestingly this is one of the rare areas that remained fully mixed in terms of sects in Lebanon during the war.
"Ain el Roumaneh" is a fountain of water which stood by a pomegranate tree, a distinctive fact since fountains were marked by what surrounded them.
And the list goes on! Once more, you want the audiences to click on your articles, that's fine. But how about elucidating the background of those names prior to publishing.
Oh and if you want weird names, you should go outside Beirut. I have a few that are too slutty to be real. But out of respect for the inhabitants of these areas, won't publish them.
It is called common courtesy. and - lo and behold - readers will read me anyway!