Monday, May 30, 2016

Hallab - somewhere between "good" and "bad" ad.

"Rouk" (calm down) "el helou wasel 3ala el Zouk" (the sweet one is coming to Zouk).
Basically, it is a word play between "rouk" and "zouk".
This is very retro in terms of advertising, but a tried (or rather tired) formula in the style of the company that does ads to Hallab 1881 (of which this is a teaser). Internal sources told this is an in house ad.
We have seen it before and it grew stale.
Now here is the paradox, if the basic message of any advertising is to get it noticed, then this ad (which is a screenshot from the one I saw on Instagram) is a good one - I saw it, among the plethora of other brands paddling their stuff there.
Which makes an unremarkable ad (straight from the 90s!) become a good one by the sheer virtue of having been seen.