Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mashrou3 Leila - The unlucky band!

For all their successes, Mashrou3 Leila is an unlucky band. Sure - there was the hits, the adulation, the funky videos, the openly gay singer (let's face it, it helps with the press when doing concerts in London!)... But there was also the line up changes (the lovely keyboardist Oumaya Molaeb left), there was also being caught in the BDS issue of opening for Red Hot Chilly Peppers, there was the crowdfunding of the album Raasuk (which implied that success did not mean a financial one when the band members are spread across the globes busy at their careers), and now there's the ban to go perform in Jordan because apparently the kingdom now has issues with their political and sexual stance - their press communique said: "We also have been unofficially informed that we will never be allowed to play again anywhere in Jordan due to our political and religious beliefs, and endorsement of gender equality and sexual freedom.” Ironically they played Amman in 2015 to a cheering audience! Frankly this band keeps getting caught in the worst moments of all public issues - that's bad luck! But I suppose this the "the road not taken" that Robert Frost spoke of, and that has made all the difference!