Friday, April 15, 2016

Karamet Jounieh hits the right notes!

Well, the municipal elections have descended upon us, and the parties and elects-to-be are scrambling to mount campaigns in very short times. The case of Jounieh is a difficult one - the Karamet Jounieh was ousted in the last elections, and are attempting to make a comeback, they even have a facebook community, and to their credit they are the ones who gave us the classic "everyone is against us, the virgin Mary is on our side" or الكل ضدنا العدرا معنا ad. The ad above says "it has been jailed for six years" the trick was fusing "jounieh" with "masjouneh" - the name of the city and a phonetic play of words on jailed in Arabic. Whatever it is, the campaign works!