Monday, March 21, 2016

Lotto - is this the year's best mother's day ad?

Well, there have many ads for mother's day - most are not interesting (and surprisingly so) - and then this gem fell into my lap. It is branded Lotto (part of La Libanaise de Jeux). Mind you, most agencies/companies think it is enough to put their logo with good line to make things work. No, you have to include your own brand actively in the event (CafĂ© Najjar via Lowe Pimo did this brilliantly but I think since Najjar is re-pitching the account there has been no active service this year from the agency). Which brings us to the advertising above - "if I win tonight, ya emmi (my mom!) what will happen"... The ad is deceptively easy but plays on all the emotions and excitement of the anticipation for winning! For my money, I still did not see a better one this year.