Friday, February 19, 2016

Kafa has a string of non-stop hits

Let it be known that whereas I fully support Kafa and their endeavours, a very bad experience with a house help made me on a personal level a little ambivalent as to their general message. But no matter, a good ad is a good ad, or better good ads (plural) are good ads. The above is a mix and match from several campaigns that Kafa did. I like the "love cannot be bought" against prostitution, but what I like best about it is that they placed it on the teleferique or cable car station - a known spot where men take their paid paramours of the day for a ride. Genius media buy!
Then there is the current campaign playing, "do not contradict yourself, question yourself" - as statistics indicate people think many bad things as to house helps yet entrust them with their kids, parents and houseworks (sadly, and without generalizing the house help we had at home does subscribe into many of the categories above!).
Then there was the family law debacle "my grandparents' law cannot be serious" (with a play on jiddi (grandfather) and jaddi (serious) in the line). I am not going to speak of the brilliant stunt which was done about the fake wedding of a 12 year old and an elderly man, but the visuals above are just as good.
So all in all a great string of hits in a row!