Saturday, January 2, 2016

Evidence of the Feyrouz bus (Hemlaya to Tannourine)

Photo credit Old Beirut Lebanon
So let it be known - the "Bosta" is my favorite Feyrouz song. Say what you want about the Rehbani Brothers compositions, even about Ziad Rehbani ones (who composed and wrote this one originally for the late Joseph Sakr). The song never ceases to bewilder me - the lyrics are light, the music less gutsy than any other Ziad song - and still the Feyrouz version fills nine complete minutes of... God knows what. Joie de vivre perhaps. Anyhow the above photo is the first visual document I see of the Hemlaya to Tannourine bus and it sent me into a frenzy even thinking it was photoshopped. Old Beirut Lebanon is going a tremendous job in a cluttered field of lookalike pseudo-nostalgic feeds so am glad we follow each other on Instagram.