Saturday, December 26, 2015

Moschino Barbie: "each not sold sperately" for boys and girls.

Interesting! Lately the splitting of toys by gender saw people fighting both, both and against. Sure, girls get dolls and boys get trucks is quite a stereotype. And some parents really had a bad time as major stores in Europe or even the US began loosening the "labels" between blue and pink. But naturally Jeremy Scott who is now head designer at Moschino knew how to push buttons by including a boy who is supposed to be a younger version of himself is in the "Barbie Moschino" ad. When they were released on November 9, the toys sold out immediately (even if costing between 300 to 500 US Dollars). I guess some societies will forever find it odd for boys to play with dolls and for girls to play football, but it doesn't mean these kids don't exist. I mean, "worst case", they could grow up to be Jeremy Scott and be Katy Perry's date to the Met Gala.