Sunday, December 20, 2015

Exotica mere Noel, et que la fete commence

Few things, for my generation (I was born in 1974 in case you need a reminder), scream "Christmas" as much as this vintage Exotica ad does. Entitled "Exotica Mere Noel" (or "Mother Christmas") it was - as it aired for several years since back then the life span of an ad was much longer than today's - a signal for us that the Christmas season was upon us. Should the year had been good or bad was irrelevant, this ad was enough for things to be feel alright, that there was hope and warmth and that perhaps the next year was to be better than the one that had just passed. The music, which is a beautiful version of  the hymn "Holy Spirit come to us" was so uplifting and a promise for lovely events to come. The end of the ad even features a lovely rappel as to the original (now iconic) corporate TV ad which you can find here. Que la fete commence - let the festivities begin indeed!