Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Some Aoun mercantilism on the streets

That did not take long! The streets are full of Aoun mercantilism - most with little or no effort. And the quasi majority very "inclusive" in the style of "all of Jounieh is with you" - but there's some bugger who is not with him and happens to reside in Jounieh then tough luck! Above are some of the "interesting ones". The Lebanese forces not to be left out of the celebration are putting the line "we union together changed the photo", a lawyer by the name of Joumana Keyrouz (expect her name to pop up on electoral lists soon) went full fledged with billboards saying "history loves strong ones", and on the entrance of the Nahr El Kalb tunnel a wordplay "the president showed up" but with an twist adding "l" at the beginning of the word it becomes "the president is a hero". At least there was creativity in the last one! And on we go to the next election or rather the next trade off - stand off....

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