Monday, November 20, 2017

Touch Independence Day, common denominator emotions

There are a million reasons why I should have loved the new Touch Independence Day ad, but - and that is my opinion - it failed to strike a chord. Yes, yes, the kid, the army, the cameos by leading pop cultural figures, the ending and so on and so forth. Maybe it was the utter predictability of it all that left me so un-touch-ed (sorry for the pun). Now if only we had the kid kissing his father who happens to be in the parade like this incredible shot taken from the video clip "Miracle Of Love" by the Eurythmics:
Now that would have been emotional as hell...
Otherwise, if you really want to do the salute gimmick look no further than this gem....
This year, I seemed to have missed the memo - all Independence Day ads seem to come with extra serving of cheese.

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