Saturday, October 8, 2016

McDonald's from bromance to womance

Apparently cheeseburgers deluxe is what bros share while the chicken burger dekuxe is more a thing for besties (that, according to the net is the female version of bros). No claims of sexism please as I have no clue how they managed to assign genders to this. Still, two heads are better than one (no pun no pun!) at figuring this out! At least the colors are pop and the mood is upbeat, and the light says "my head clicks on his/hers".  Not the ad of the century but few ads beat this one....
The ad which dates back to 2009 and which features a very intriguing headline! One that is reversed!.... Maybe it is because Arabic is written from right to left as opposed to Latin from left to right so "flipping" the title will make it more Arabic.... in flavor :) However, since our brains are trained to read full words rather than letters, hence a lot of people did not even notice the trick....
Now, if two males want to order the chicken burger deluxe, would that make them effeminate? And if two women want to relish on the cheeseburgers, did they they become more "masculine" (or what is called in Arabic "misterjlin"?). Too many questions stemming from a supposedly innocent campaign!

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